Products and consumables for the trade professional used in the installation of tv aerials and satellites. 


Antiference, Philex digital wideband aerials


Coax, CAI approved foam filled and CT63 type cable

Cable Bushes

Bushes + covers to tidy holes made in masonry walls

Cable Clips

Clips for Round, CT63 type coax & FTE cable clips

Cable Ties

Natural + black cable ties together with associated cradles, bases + inserts


F & Coax connectors, couplers & adaptors together with stripper for cable preparation

Distribution and Masthead Amplifiers

Masthead amp with power supply and splitters. Amplifiers to enable your own loft based distribution without requiring a loft based power outlet.

Drill Bits

SDS+ drill bits for Satellite and Aerial installations


Personal protection equipment

Riggers Tools

Various hand tools used for Aerial & Satellite installations

Satellite Anchors

Satellite/aerial bracket installation with choice of rimmed or unrimmed plugs


A range of silicone for sealing cable entry and exit holes

Staples & Staple Guns

Staple guns + staples for applications including cable fastening


20m & 33m reels of coloured insulation tape to BS3924 & black self amalgamating tape

Wire Strainers

Barrel Strainers